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The Mission of Renewal is to impact a generation of Believers and

Non-Believers through the Word, worship and prayer.  We strive to ignite a fire for God within each person that chooses to submit their lives within these encounters. 

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We are gathering together to light the match of a millennial movement.  This movement will ignite an unquenchable fire guaranteed to change our lives and burn continuously.  There is no doubt that His presence will be made known through signs and wonders as we worship together during this intimate encounter.
Some of the nation’s leading voices, through music and the prophetic word, will be set in place to change our thinking and redirect our hearts back to the heart of God.  Our prayer is that after each encounter, the residue of God’s word will influence your life forever.



Elder Alex Holt has shown time and time again his pure heart for humanity.  Holt passionately pursues God and the people with a personal mission to help individuals renew, refresh and cultivate a relationship with God.  A gifted songwriter and renowned worship leader, he is a change agent in the ministry and seeks to create an atmosphere of worship in every arena and with every opportunity possible.  He is the founder of Renewal monthly services, the leader of Free Worship Ministries, a worship Pastor and a

loving husband to wife Tamarra and father to son Ethan. In every aspect of his life, his sole purpose

has and will always be to drive all men to Jesus.      

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