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Partnership Goals

My goal is for us (Grove Young adult ministry and Renewal which is underwritten by Alex Holt ministries to partner 50/50)


This partnership will do other things for Grove as well, It will be a bridge event for

1. Groves 2019 young adult conference since they aren’t having one This year, It will keep Grove in the minds of people who are looking for the ministry to do something big with Young adults, also give a more communal platform to advertise next years big Grove conference to more young adults from Va and other close states.  


2. This conference can be a bridge event and introduction for the monthly young adult service hosted at Grove which will attract young adults from all 7 cities, which can be potential members of Grove. 


In 2017 over 1500 young adults gathered in Norfolk Va to encounter God 


With Over $10,000 raised during the 3 day event we were successfully able to take care of all conference expenses. 


Total income 2017: 14,094.08

Includes offering, registration, and merchandise sales 


During the 2017 renewal conference Two $500 college Scholarships were given to deserving students. 


Projections for 2018 conference:

We plan to raise the budget by 25% and budget for $12,500 in conference expenses.


How will we raise more funds this year:

Partnering with other ministries, using sponsors this year because we have stats of last years success, increasing registration by 25%, cutting our cost of concert last year and bringing 3 national recording artist, this year we will host Alex Holt ad Free Worships album release which will attract people without having to have a national recording artist price. 


Targeting 25% more people than we did in 2017, projecting an average attendance of 

1,875-2000 young adults in attendance over the 3 day conference schedule

Budget Partnership with Grove Young Adults:

50/50 partnership between Grove Young Adult Ministry and Alex Holt Ministries 


We partner (50/50) in the budget and partner to secure and split the expense  (50/50) of the conference.


Included in Budget will be 

1. Venue (provided by Grove)

2. Sound (Provided by grove) 

3. Lights 

4. Speaker honorariums 

5. Travel 

6. Hospitality (Food expense)

7. Hotel

8. Registration Material (example: bags, T-shirt, conference material, supplies, etc)

9. Marketing - Flyers, Advertisement, etc  

10. Flights 

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